Mazatlan mourns the anniversary of the tragic train accident


23 years after the tragedy of the “trenazo”, an accident that hit Mazatlan hard on May 31, 1996, when a driver from the Jabalíes route tried to beat the train, leaving 34 people dead and 14 injured. 

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Mourning anniversary of the victims of Trenazo

This date has been completely forgotten by the authorities, for years they stopped giving the monument a memorial in memory of the deceased and today the place is practically in oblivion. 
The names that are being placed on the wall of deceased persons are being erased and the graffiti marks that gang members have been doing are seen, the food establishments that are located nearby have made the cenotaphs a garbage dump.

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Each year relatives of the deceased bring flowers, candles and paint the crosses of their loved ones, but vagabonds arrive and steal the offerings and burn garbage, which has caused family members to stop doing so because the place is in poor condition. 
Pedro Bustamante Garcia, a salesman who is in the corner of the intersection, calls on the authorities to clean and fine the people who throw garbage there because the place is to commemorate the deceased victims of the 1996 trenazo.

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