After certain neighborhoods protest construction sites, Mazatlan mayor confirms they are legal and permitted


* As long as constructors comply

* Estavillo, new Director of Planning

If it is possible to build in areas where some neighbors are opposed; here the builders must comply with the requirements of law and give it forward; Those same builders are willing to collaborate so that the residents have better water and drainage services in these subdivisions, said the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

The mayor was interviewed at the end of the act of protest taking by the Municipal Civil Protection Council, where he gave support to the new director of Planning, Jorge Estavillo, who is aware of all pending matters concerning public and private works.

Mayor Benitez Torres acknowledged that residents of some neighborhoods, who do not want more construction in the areas, have manifested, however, “we will declare in writing that the builders comply with the regulations; It is not true that it is not an area to build what neighbors say, it is possible; what the builders have to do is comply with everything that is requested, “he reiterated.

Source: Sel

The Mazatlan Post