A destination management office could be established in Mazatlan


David González Torrentera, head of the Sedectur, assures that everything that makes the tourism sector come together, will generate an improvement

A destination management office could be established in the port, which will become a very important tool to unify all the infrastructure and the entire tourism apparatus within the municipality, said David González Torrentera, head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Tourism. Fishing.

The municipal official said that the Sedectur, with the instruction of the Municipal President, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, will always be willing to join in issues that come to contribute to tourism growth, working hand in hand with the State Government.

“Mazatlan is the tourist destination par excellence of our state, and the main tourist and visitor collector, we have this enormous responsibility of making equipment so that tourism in Mazatlan continues to grow, it continues generating an interesting economic spill, and that Mazatlan continues being fashionable as it is until now, “he said.

He recalled that thanks to the call made by the Chemist Benítez among the restauranteros of the port to participate in the gastronomic exhibition that took place in the Chamber of Deputies on April 30, showed the unification of the tourism sector with very good results.

“(This unification) We are also seeing it on the theme that Mazatlán is going to be the Creative City in Gastronomy by Unesco, which is another tool to continue strengthening the tourist image of our city,” he added.

González Torrentera said that the destination management office will unify all the aspects that are considered within the tourism, and will start to walk this work as a team and well structured.

Source: pmxportal

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