Mazatlan reinforces inspections of municipal markets


Public Services and Civil Protection hold meetings with tenants to raise awareness

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- After less than two weeks ago 30 people were admitted to the emergency room of the IMSS Prospera of Villa Union for eating contaminated meat, Luis Antonio González Olague, director of Municipal Public Services, reported that is working together with Civil Protection in the revision of the markets and awareness of the merchants so that the situation does not happen again.

Until yesterday there had only been one meeting: José María Pino Suárez del Centro was in the market and then Miguel Hidalgo, in the Benito Juárez neighborhood.

For González Olague, keeping the product with proper refrigeration and keeping it out of the expiration must be the priorities of each of the merchants.

He added that if these basic rules are not taken care of, the premises would be closed while the pertinent investigation is being carried out.

He shared that the meetings seek that the same tenants take better care of their facilities since there are places that do not have installed traps of fats and oils.

Some also tend to put bones through the drain and this causes them to clog; So what they do is talk to the City Council so that it goes and solve the problem.

In addition to image and hygiene checks, Public Services and Civil Protection seek to help resolve some conflicts that may exist between merchants. The official explained that “sometimes one invades spaces to the other and they are rules that must be fulfilled”.

He added that this is not the only measure of revision that is carried out, since every day the head of each market and inspectors of the City Council check that the premises comply with the necessary measures for its operation. 

Source: el debate

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