American fell from the 17th floor of a hotel on Camarón Sábalo in Mazatlán


A tourist from the United States died when he fell from the 17th floor of a hotel located on Camarón Sábalo Avenue in Mazatlán.

The victim identified as Taylor Michell, 29 years old is of North American origin and apparently at the time of the accident was with a group of friends when the accident occurred.

Paramedics from unit 712 of the Balboa Hospital and Nuevo Mazatlan Medical Center were first to respond

Paramedics from the Balboa Hospital attended to the young man but due to the blow, he suffered in the fall on an abandoned house the man died instantaneously when he hit.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office took charge of the victim’s removal and ordering it to be taken to the district where the family’s claim procedures began.

Source: rasnoticias

The Mazatlan Post