Maria, 3 years old, was found alone in Mazatlan 34 days ago and nobody has claimed her


The minor was protected by the Municipal Police, who channeled her to DIF, and now she is under their protection; of the family, nothing is known

According to a Noroeste report, DIF Mazatlan reported that the minor was found on Easter Sunday at Pinitos beach, walking alone among tourists.

One day after being found a woman went to claim her, assuring her that she was his  mother . However, he failed to certify the claim with documents, so he was not handed over. After that nobody went to claim.

The address of the  DIF  noted that on the same day a minor was found to be 11 years old, who was promptly claimed by her relatives who managed to prove their kinship.

The girl, identified as  Maria , was enrolled in a daycare center of the DIF and has been integrated into normal activities of her age. However, he says he does not know anything about his parents.

Neither showed signs of  physical abuse at the time of being found.

If the minor is not claimed in  6 months,  an adoption process will begin.

Source: noroeste

The Mazatlan Post