289 colonies of Mazatlan, Sinaloa at risk of flooding


Large areas of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, are considered as very high and high risk of flooding.

According to the Atlas of Natural Hazards for the Municipality of Mazatlán, many of these sectors are vulnerable because they did not respect the hydrological system of the city.

The Municipal Contingency Plan shows that in Mazatlán there are 8,600 hectares susceptible to floods, which affect each rainy season to at least 60,000 inhabitants in 289 colonies.

40% of the most vulnerable areas of Mazatlan are in danger due to the use of channels such as streets or housing settlements along the Jabalines stream.

The cleaning of channels and started about a month ago, we are preparing for that, is one of the main reasons why Mazatlan floods in addition to the congenital we have as it is precisely the Urias stream is one of them that affects many colonies of this zone. You can be a victim of a natural disaster the day that several days of rain meet at high tide, “said Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, mayor of Mazatlán.

According to the Risk Atlas, the most flood-prone areas are: Pino Suarez, Jesús García, La Marina, Estero del Infiernillo, El centro histórico, Zona Dorada and Zona de Hoteles, Mazatlán 1, Mazatlán 2 and Presas del Valle and surrounding areas. the streams.

The National Water Commission (Conagua) works on the cleaning of sewers, streams, rivers and canals.

It is giving some recommendations so that they are in better conditions for when the rainy season arrives and preventive measure to avoid a flood. To avoid that they keep throwing trash too, “said Marco Antonio Gaxiola, from the Regional Emergency Response Center of Conagua.

To avoid risks, during the floods and mudslides in the rainy season, the Government of Sinaloa plans the relocation of 360 families living in high risk areas, in more than 30 irregular settlements on the shores of estuaries and streams.

Source: televisa.news

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