Artisan Market of Mazatlan is in neglect


Artisans do not know if the project that was intended to convert the Mercado de las Flores into the handicrafts market, continues

Mazatlan , Sinaloa .- The project of the Handicraft Market, where the merchants of the Malecón and the San Taboada esplanade, located in what was once a nightclub and in the current Mercado de las Flores de Mazatlán, will still be relocated .

Tenants of the Mercado de las Flores de Mazatlan , which would become a space shared with street vendors, assure that they have been since the current administration, without hearing anything about the project that aimed to create a comprehensive tourist corridor, even point out that none authority has approached to see the conditions of the enclosure and propose the relocation of craft vendors.

“You can not hear any of that anymore, we benefited because they were going to rearrange and remodel, and nothing is heard anymore. We believe that it was stopped because it was something of the past administration and the current one does not want to do it “, declared Patricia” N “.

Armando “N”, who for fear of reprisals only gave his first name, said that the previous administration was not the first to try to bring plans for remodeling and relocation to the market, but so far, none has complied and only have them in the abandonment and deplorable facilities; They had no problem working with street vendors.

“The ambulantes were hit hard by the last administration, because of the tianguis, despite their federal permits they let them work and although they give better views without them there, they did not fulfill their promise to make their spaces, like the other market and the one of that they will also work here, it is unfair that they overstep the law, promise and do not comply. “


The project of the Handicraft Market sought to relocate the merchants of the Malecón and the Sanchez Taboada esplanade, in what was a nightclub on Avenida Del Mar and in the current Mercado de las Flores of Mazatlán.

Source: el sol de mazatlán

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