More than 60 children in Mazatlan waiting to be adopted


The process can only be done through the DIF System, and can take between one and two years

Mazatlan , Sinaloa .- For more than seven years, Luis and Isabel tried to conceive a child without success, as time passed the pain, fatigue, and disappointment accumulated in their marriage, because all they wanted was to be dads, was then a The close cousin who worked at the DIF System in Culiacán, suggested another alternative, an unconventional one, adoption .

Although that idea was already echoing in their heads, they had never considered it as a possibility, and that was their last option, it was then that after their long struggle they decided to adopt, but not before undergoing psychological therapy, because they did not want to make a decision that they could not take over.

More than 60 children in Mazatlan waiting for a family.

“It is exhausting for the couple to be trying and trying, also when you hear the word adoption or be inclined to adopt, like people are afraid of you, like we do not know what might happen, beyond there; since the process begins, as it is something that you really have to take a therapy, it is not something that is taken lightly. “

He remembered how it was doing the paperwork, they were afraid that they had heard from people who had been on the waiting list for years. After coming and going, they were assigned a little six to seven months, at first, the visits were every Thursday, one hour in the morning, as they passed the tests, they increased to be able to spend 24 hours with him outside the shelter.

“They have to see that the child or baby is with a good family. You have to win the love of the boy or girl. We when we were with the process, when we left it at night, because it hurt a lot, we were already fond of the child and we were afraid that for some reason the child will not stay with us, but thank God it happened “.

He recommended all those couples who are out there trying, to consider adopting, since it is a unique opportunity where not only do they benefit as a marriage, they also give the opportunity to a little one to live in a home with love, in addition, time and age is the key to carrying out these processes; that phrase that says “If it is not your blood, you do not want it the same”, that is nonsense, he said.


In Mazatlán, there are more than 60 children between 0 and 12 years of age, who are waiting for a second chance to return to a family, to provide them with a dignified life, without deprivation, free of violence and full of love, respect and values. There is only one thing that keeps them in shelters, and it is the long process and requirements that are needed, and the lack of culture around adoption.

Roberto Rodríguez Lizárraga, director of the Mazatlan DIF System, explained that adoption is a legal action by which a person of legal age assumes responsibility and the rights and obligations of one or more minors with or without disabilities.

“The estimated time of an adoption is from one year to a year and a half, and this varies based on the psychological studies that are done, because they have expiration, and if the person is not suitable for an adoption the problem is detected or the pathology to solve it, and subsequently we receive them again. There are people who can not adopt children, according to the pathology. “

The psychological exams, he stressed, are the main cause of an adoption process is slow and inactive, in addition to the close relatives of the child, of which the parents lost their parental rights to put at risk of life or abandon it for more than three months, are those that have priority over any person; those without kinship, are the last in the list to be able to successfully adopt.

So far in the current administration, there are approximately 55 couples who are looking to adopt a child, however, so far none has been achieved because all processes initiated with the previous administration were initiated from scratch, for safety and because the proper processes are carried out.

In Mexico, the only authorized entity that can intercede in an adoption is the System of Integral Development of the Family, which is the entity that applies multiple psychological and economic studies to heterosexual couples and over 25 years of age, as well as monitors and channels First encounters, where both the child and the couple should feel comfortable with each other.


José Antonio Serna, President of the Bar Association Marco Antonio Arroyo Camberos, stated that in Mexico there are different types of family that the laws of Sinaloa put aside, as is the case of the single-parent or homoparental, which should be entitled to adoption at like the nuclear one, since in the end the right that is sought to protect with this process is that of the minor, which deserves to grow with love and in better conditions.

“The law is unquestionably retrograde as it is here, and also the authority that still does not overcome this issue in the interests of gender equity, equality, and even in a democracy, and the court has already failed, has already declared illegal all those laws that they are unconstitutional, and it has even been seen that of course if they have the right to adopt a marriage of the same gender, even if some authority restricts them or discriminates against someone, they have the means of protection. “

He explained that constitutionally speaking the law has already been interpreted and there is jurisprudence on the matter, where it is stated that it is unconstitutional, so a homoparental family could resort to an amparo, because society is changing and the law adapts to the need of it, because its main objective is to make it easier for a human being to be happy.

“What is worse a child without family or a child in a family of the same gender? We believe that it is worse for the child abandoned to one who is adopted, and is under the protection of that family, since the children would decrease in the streets, without home, without shelter. “

He said there are many cases where children who grow up surrounded by violence, abandonment and lack of values, are the most likely to commit crimes in the future, so it is everyone’s job as a society to get rid of prejudices and support small children always grow in a home with love, whatever the family may be.


To know more about the requirements to apply and begin the adoption process, you can consult it sites or directly to the DIF System offices inside the Federal Palace.


Mexico ranks second in Latin America in number of orphaned children.

According to the INEGI, in Mexico there are more than 30 thousand children who live in orphanages, but not all are susceptible to be adopted, because their legal situation does not allow it.

The maximum age that families are willing to accept to adopt a child is eight years.

According to the DIF, from 2012 to 2016, no child over the age of 11 managed to integrate into a family.

When it comes to looking for a candidate for a new home, older children, with disabilities and siblings, have to lose in front of the little ones.

In Mexico, there are 753 homes, distributed throughout the territory.

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