Banorte now allows you to send money through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or SMS


This functionality only works for phones with Android system.

If you are a Banorte customer and you have the Banorte Móvil application on your cell phone, you can now send money to any of your contacts on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS or any other social network with which you can interact.

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The Monterrey bank presented on Tuesday Banorte Go , a new functionality of its application for the cell phone, which adds to the more than 70 that are now in the institution’s app.

Through this new functionality, the Banorte client will be able to choose any of his contacts with whom he is interacting in any of these or other social networks, and send him quick transfers of up to 8,000 pesos in a day. It is not necessary for the receiver to be a customer of the bank.

Sending money to contacts, how does it work?

The client enters the Banorte Móvil app and will find a tab referring to Banorte Go, which is nothing more than the keyboard configuration of a Banorte keyboard developed in collaboration with a fintech.

Once this is done, when you are “chatting” with a contact from these social networks, the Banorte logo will appear on the keyboard, and when you touch it, the menu will appear in which the transfer option will appear. The amount is chosen, sent and the recipient receives a notification.

For example, in the case of a WhatsApp message, the following message will appear: “I transferred 100.00 pesos from my Banorte Keyboard . You will receive a code via SMS valid for seven days. ” To make the payment you must enter a league, generate a code and choose to deposit it to an account or withdraw it from an ATM at that time.

At the moment, explained bank executives, this functionality only works for phones with Android system, given that they use, they said, almost 80% of their customers. However, it is expected that in the last quarter of the year, it will be ready for the iOS system.

Source: el economista

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