“50 y más”, Program for US retirees in Yucatán


The low cost of having a coin with a value greater than 19 times or more to the peso, the safety and tranquility that are part of Yucatec day-to-day life and the “warmth” of the treatment of its people will be the main ingredients with which the government This entity will promote its territory as the ideal space for North American and European retirees to establish a second home.

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The name of the program is “50 and more” and it shares with others of similar name of the federal Government to be directed to retired population, retired or that has decided to retire. The difference is marked in the final public, coming from the United States, Canada or European nations, whose retirement funds or pensions allow to live comfortably and “with greater tranquility” in a region like the state of Yucatan.

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To date, in Yucatan there are just over 14,000 adults, between 50 and 65 years old on average, from the United States and Canada, who have acquired as a second home to permanently reside or permanently house, mainly in the Historical Center of Mérida or in municipalities near archaeological zones or colonial cities, for which they have paid between two and five million pesos.

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If successful, the program “50 and more” could generate an economic income of 75 million dollars per year, which would result in about 325 million dollars for the third year of the project, which also includes the promotion of the Yucatan Country Club and others. similar spaces aimed at high-value publics that have begun to develop in the entity since the last six years.

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The potential of the program was exposed in a study conducted by the company ProMatura -oriented to the advice in the market of older adults, www.promatura.com- and recently presented in the entity its president, Margaret Wylde on behalf of the System for the Financing the Development of Yucatan (Sifidey), a body created in the current state administration.

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According to Wylde, the study was conducted both among residents of the United States and Canada in Yucatan, as well as visitors from those nations. Among the latter, 58 percent of those interviewed said that the entity would be an ideal place to live.

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He pointed out that this figure is an indicator of the potential of the project when compared with another data according to which of the visitors that come to Mexico from the countries referred to, only 21 percent said they had been in Yucatan, that is, only one fifth. that leaves a wide public target that could have an interest in knowing the state or even making plans to have a second residence or to live permanently.

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Wylde explained that it is a risk-free market for Mexico and the population of Yucatan, since it is made up mainly of people over 50 years old who do not impact on the demand for educational spaces, do not drive during the peak hours of cities Like Mérida, they consume little water because they are usually only couples or families of three to four members and adapt quickly to the quiet life of the entity.

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For the president of ProMatura it is a “clean industry” of low negative impact, which brings money and invests or spends it in the national territory, in this case the Yucatan.

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The study presented by the US company, which was carried out from October 2010, estimates that continuity in the conditions of the state as well as greater investment in infrastructure and promotion can lead to the arrival of more than a thousand new residents. year, who have income from their pensions or retirement funds of up to $ 75,000 per year.

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As a consequence of the economic problems in the United States, this sector of the population finds in areas like Yucatan a space to have a higher quality of life without affecting their income and with these having the capacity to acquire a home of up to half a century or more. built, entertainment, infrastructure of services and even food and health care not only public, but even private.

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The study shows that 90 percent of the foreigners living in Yucatan today indicated the main aspects to continue in the state territory the quality of the services, the culture, its people and the low cost of living.

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Source: AMAR, animal politico

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