The passages in the transport sector in Mazatlan decrease 50%


José Luis Ceballos Bustamante said that during May and June they will not have good profits, since there are few long weekends, which has an impact on the decrease in the number of tourists

Mazatlan, Sin.- After the Easter holiday period left very good profits in the transport sector of pulmonias in Mazatlan, during May the passages decrease up to 50 percent, said José Luis Ceballos Bustamante.

The president of the cooperative society of Mazatlan said that because this month brings few long weekends, the sector is affected since in Mazatlan there is little influx of tourists and that affects the economy, so the entire month of May and part of June we do not expect to have great benefits as in other years.  

Ceballos Bustamante trusts that in summer they will reach profits of l00 percent, since it is a holiday period where thousands of both national and foreign visitors arrive at the port to tour the city through the rental transportation and with this benefit the drivers of the units.    

“In summer it is very good, because the tourist tianguis really gave us much boom, because there is a lot of tourism from all sides, flights have increased, and all that will help us. We have to wait until October for the cruises to come so that improve all this. ” 

The leader of pulmonias said that despite not having much tourist in Mazatlan, the units are in constant maintenance, as well as the drivers in training to provide a good service to tourists who decide to visit the Mazatlan in the coming weeks.

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