Durango had a bloody weekend


Four people dead and 21 injured

The rush to return to their places of origin before the end of the holiday period caused that this weekend the roads of the state were covered with blood, because multiple accidents in different parts of the state left the tragic balance of four dead and 21 people injured.

The first death that was registered was that of Jaime Martínez Cuevas, 22, who at 4 o’clock in the morning overturned while traveling from Durango to Gómez Palacio on the free highway aboard a 2005 Mercury Mariner truck, gray , which was driven by Karla Herrera Hernández, 21 who at kilometer 80 + 100, lost control of the vehicle and then left the asphalt belt.

Another death was that of Rafael Flores Olguín, 40 years old who on Saturday at 16:40 hours, was driving on the Bermejillo road to Ceballos, aboard a Nissan pick-up pick-up truck, white , and at kilometer 48 he was hit by a trailer driven by Ivan “N”, 25 years old, causing the truck to catch fire, being lifeless in the place; his companion, Juan Pablo Banda Morales, was wounded.

Also died Francisco Javier Hernandez Gaeta, 28, who at about 03:30 am, circulated from the town of Nuevo Barro, in Gómez Palacio, towards Tlahualilo, aboard a motorcycle of the Italika brand, green, and at altitude from the gas station El Lucero, lost control of the unit to later skid and fall, being lifeless in the place.

The fourth death occurred at kilometer 71 of the highway Durango to Mazatlan where three vehicles were hit, a red Stratus, a white Tsuru and a gray Nissan pick-up, resulting lifeless Ivan Silva Amezcua, 31, driver of the red car, and 6 more injured, who were transferred to the IMSS of El Salto, Pueblo Nuevo and four others to the city of Durango in the helicopter of the state government.

In spite of not being mortals, the overturns recorded on the road to La Flor were also spectacular, where Angel de la Cruz Cabada, 68, and three children under 14, 10 and 8 years of age were injured; as well as the one that was on the highway to Gómez Palacio, where a Ford E-350, model 2000, was overturned at kilometer 114, after a tire burst, leaving five people from Bermejillo wounded.

Finally, a spectacular accident occurred at the Parral exit in the capital city, where a State Police truck hit a gray truck that was being inspected by highway agents, leaving one of the municipal elements named Raudiel Contreras Cabral, injured.

Source: el sol de durango

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