Cofepris investigates a cannabis company linked to Ex-President Vicente Fox


Upon detecting irregularities, the health authority revoked the guidelines for marketing products derived from marijuana, and announced that it will audit permits to ten companies, including a company where the former president collaborates

The company Kuida Life Mexico, a subsidiary of Khiron Life Siences Corp, of which former President Vicente Fox is a member of the board of directors, will be investigated by Cofepris for alleged irregularities in obtaining permission to market cannabis-based products.

On March 27, Cofepris reported that because they detected various irregularities, that department decided to revoke the guidelines on sanitary control of cannabis, which among other things allowed the commercialization of products made from cannabis.

Cofepris also informed that it will investigate the authorizations that ten companies obtained in the last administration, among them Kuida Life Mexico.

On November 30, the company Kuida Life Mexico obtained permission from Cofepris to market three food supplements with cannabis.

“The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks will review the documents that were issued by the previous administration in November 2018, such as alleged ‘authorizations’ of products containing cannabis and its derivatives, in order to resolve their validity, or be the case, initiate the conducive actions in accordance with the applicable legal framework, “they said in a statement.

According to documents of the Public Registry, said company belongs to Khiron Colombia SAS, a subsidiary of the Khiron Life Sciences Corp., Francisco Serrano and Álvaro Torres Rueda, president of that Canadian company.

In July 2018, the company Khiron Life Sciences Corp., which operates in Colombia, Chile and Uruguay, announced former President Vicente Fox as a member of the board of directors. This company is dedicated to making products with CBD and THC, two of the chemical components of marijuana; as well as to investigate about the medical properties of that plant.

In August 2010, former President Vicente Fox Quezada defended the legalization of marijuana on his blog, arguing that the ban has cost the lives of thousands of people. Three years later, he proposed a trade plan for the plant between the United States and Mexico, together with the former director of Microsoft, Jamen Shively. Also through the Fundación Centro Fox has supported the measure, in fact, on April 25 and 26 a congress will be held in its facilities to promote the use of cannabis.

The subsidiary of Khiron Life Sciences Corp., Kuida Life Mexico SA de CV, was registered on November 12, that is, 18 days before obtaining authorization from Cofepris. Despite this, the Canadian company in its  online presentation , of March 2019, does not specify that in Mexico they have a subsidiary that obtained permission from Cofepris to sell products with cannabis.

According to the communiqué of the Cofepris, the previous administration exceeded its powers by authorizing various products made from cannabis through the guidelines published on its website on October 30, 2018.

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