Mazatlan estimates earnings above 400 million pesos during Moto Week


Mazatlan, Sin.- The leader of the National Chamber of Commerce Services and Tourism in Mazatlan estimated that the economic loss that would leave the legendary Moto Week over 400 million pesos, higher than last year.

Jesus Sandoval Gaxiola, president of the Canaco in Mazatlan, attributed that the profits obtained in this period are due to the large influx of visitors arriving at the port to enjoy the great event that is already a tradition in Mazatlan.     

“We still do not have the results really that we are going to throw what is being Easter week, we see a lot of motorcycles that came to here to Mazatlan, the goal we have is to overcome the spill last year that was 400 million pesos”. 

Sandoval Gaxiola added that on the part of the Public Ministry agency there is no report of complaints from the people who met in Mazatlan to enjoy the various activities offered in the great event, since the restaurant sector, as well as the hotelier, offered good service to visitors.    

Source: linea directa

The Mazatlan Post