Mazatlan city hall closes ‘La Carpa Olivera’ for irregularities


In the place they were found multiple irregularities that produce risks for those who visit

Mazatlan.- Carpa Olivera was closed on Friday afternoon by Mayor’s Office of the City Council, on instructions from Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

On a tour of the Olas Altas and Paseo Claussen area, the Chemist found in the Carpa Olivera various risk signs such as slats on the slide, dirty toilets, obstructed access and the irregular management of the establishment for the sale of food. a permit in the name of the person who operates it.

The mayor said that the area will remain closed to avoid putting the population at risk, and that it will be reopened when the status of that port’s tourist attraction is regularized.

Source: mazatlaninforma

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