Sinaloa: Navolato and its beaches ready for Easter Holidays 200 thousand visitors expected


They expect the visit of around 200 thousand tourists and an economic income of around 75 million pesos, informed the mayor Eliazar Gutiérrez

The municipality of Navolato is ready to receive around 200 thousand visitors during these days of Holy Week in its different beaches, said Mayor Eliazar Gutiérrez Angulo.

He explained that the accesses to the different beaches such as Altata, El Tambor, El Tetuan, El Castillo and Las Aguamitas have been cleaned so that they can travel without complications.

El Tambor

“We are already able to receive them, we have all roads, access to the beaches and the most visited places in this case Altata and El Tambor, without neglecting the rest, Yameto, El Tetuán, El Castillo, Las Aguamitas,” he said.

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El Tetuan
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Gutiérrez Angulo stated that the voluntary fee for access to El Tambor beach will be 50 pesos for small vehicles and 150 for transport, since this resource will be collected to replace part of what is invested on those dates, which goes through the order of 800 thousand pesos in various services such as security, public toilets, water distribution in the areas where families camp, distribution of bags and bags for garbage, mobile tire, mechanical services, among others.

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El Castillo

The mayor said that it is forbidden to enter with glass bottles, as well as to drive along the beaches in vehicles.

Concluded that around 250 elements of Civil Protection, Municipal Police, Transit, Sedena, Red Cross, Fire, will be protecting the beaches.

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