Mazatlan, the Pearl of Sinaloa tourism ready to receive Semana Santa vacationers


The Pearl of the Pacific is one of the main options to enjoy the holidays; In the port, restaurateurs and vendors declare themselves ready to receive visitors

Mazatlan, Sin.- Mazatlan is ready to welcome thousands of tourists this Easter, so the restaurateurs are prepared to provide the best service to visitors, and they can enjoy the rich cuisine, as is the pescado zarandeado, aguachile, the famous ceviche Pinocchio, crazy coconuts, live music at the seashore, with a completely family atmosphere.

“The truth is we hope it will fill us up, the seafood is fresh, rich, and what better than accompanied by the band, because we have a band starting at two in the afternoon.”

“Shrimp ceviche, fish, cocktails is what they ask for most, fried fish for Easter, and come to enjoy the beaches.”

“We also have a lot of ceviches, we have a live band every day for the week, while they get to the beach for a while, they can also be eating, and they can also bring the family”.

Visitors who begin their arrival at the port, assure that ‘La Perla del Pacífico’ has some of the most attractive beaches in the country, where they can bathe at any time of the day, because of its warm climate, temperatures are the perfect excuse to Enjoy a dip.

“This bay in particular makes me the best bays in the country to bathe in, and Mazatlan is my favorite place.”

“It’s impressive, it’s very beautiful, we liked it a lot, it makes us feel beautiful, every time we come there are different things, it get better every time we come to maztlan”.

For this reason, street vendors are prepared with the merchandise that tourists usually consume on Easter days to enjoy the weather, sun, and sea, such as sunglasses, caps, hats, and some ‘souvenirs’ that they buy for Take a souvenir from the port to family or friends.

“I think there will be sales this year, in fact it is already being seen, we have caps, tacitas, lenses.” 
“Handicrafts here in Mazatlan to carry as a souvenir, what they buy the most are the key chains that carry souvenirs, lenses, and hats for the sun, which is hot and lends itself to buy that.”

The merchants are only waiting for the Easter holiday period to arrive and increase their sales, give tourists the attention and service they require so that next year they do not hesitate to visit the destination again and with it their climate, gastronomy and the warmth of the people who live in Mazatlan, a destination that is undoubtedly the favorite of the Sinaloans to vacation.

Source: linea directa

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