Vehicles donated by Canadian Rotarians arrive in Mazatlan


Ambulances and transfer units are already in the Rotary Park of Mazatlan on Avenida Juan Pablo II

Ambulances, transport trucks and a fire truck donated by the Rotary International association to different institutions of Mazatlan and the entity, are already in this port.

The units were stationed in the Rotary Park of Avenida Juan Pablo II.

On Monday the 8th members of this international association headed by their project leaders, Felix Seiler Allan Kuechle and Rick Conrad, from Canada, as well as José de Jesús Sánchez Reynoso, from Mazatlán, will make a parade of the units through the avenues of this port, from the Rotary Park, located between the avenues Juan Pablo II and Grijalva River to the Municipal Palace.

In the esplanade of the Municipal Palace, the keys and documentation of the units will be symbolically delivered to the beneficiary institutions, Rotary International reported on its annual donation visit to Mexico and particularly to Mazatlan and Sinaloa.

On that day, a school bus will be delivered to the Union of Workers in the Service of the City of Mazatlan.

They will also deliver an ambulance to the Municipal Directorate of Civil Protection, while on Tuesday they will donate a school bus to the DIF of Mazatlan, an ambulance to the Municipal Hospital “Margarita Maza de Juárez” and a fire truck to the Volunteer Fire Department of Mazatlan. .

On Wednesday 10 of this month will deliver an ambulance in the municipality of Elota, the next day will deliver an ambulance and a school bus in the central courtyard of the City of Navolato, was announced.

Source: noroeste

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