Gourmet coffee production project resumed in Concordia


After security has been restored in the mountain area, planting progresses, hoping to have a nursery in the coming months, announces the City Council through the Directorate of Sustainable Rural Development

After months of being paused, due to the security situation that permeated the mountain area of Concord , the gourmet coffee production project in the communities of Chirimoyos and La Petaca is still standing, says Concordia City Council .

Ernesto Sánchez Rojas, Director of Sustainable Rural Development said that the conditions have allowed to resume the plan to grow 82 hectares of the Geisha and Pluma varieties in the first phase , just waiting for a nursery to be installed in the coming months to provide plants to families that participate in the program as a way to self – employ .

Sánchez Rojas, highlighted the support of the Council for the Economic Development of Sinaloa and, in turn, of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel to achieve the training that was imparted to the inhabitants of the two communities of Oaxaca.

He revealed that the seeds are already available , trusting that with the fertile land , with a temperate climate and distributed in orchards of one or two hectares per family, the south of Sinaloa coulddetonate as a coffee producing area.

Source: tvpacifico

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