Number of migrants who pass through Mazatlan double


The Parish of San Francisco de Asís, urges the collaboration of society to stand up by providing support to young people and entire families with children in transit

The group of migrants that cross the state and pass through Mazatlan towards the border with the United States has increased up to 200 percent in recent days.

According to volunteers from the dining room in the parish of San Francisco de Asís , located in theSalvador Allende neighborhood so far this year, more than 1,300 people have come to ask for help , a higher figure for this period in 2018, the year in which They treated a little more than 3,000 migrants.

This fact has led to raise a request for collaboration to Mazatlan society .

For Fray Alicio Serrano Ramírez pointed out that donations of clothing are needed , particularly men’s clothing, footwear, medicines of the basic table, blankets , cleaning articles and personal hygiene, but above all   food . 

Before the demand, the place that for more than two decades provides aid to all migrants, has decided to open even on Monday that the parish was kept closed.

Serrano Ramírez indicated that the capacity of the parish only allows to offer food and somewhere to be, looking in the near future to have a land that the Municipal and State Governments can donate for the creation of a migrant shelter .

If you want to support the cause you can do so by taking your contributions in kind or cash to the temple offices or by making a link through their social networks.

Source: tvpacifico

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