Directors of Public Security of Sinaloa and Durango agree on preventive strategies for Semana Santa


Military, Federal, State and Municipal Police will participate in the operations for the next vacations

Mazatlán, Sin, March 29, 2019.- As part of the coordinated work between state authorities to ensure the safety of people who take advantage of the Easter holidays to visit the port of Mazatlan and in all tourist areas of the state, the Secretary of Security Public of Sinaloa, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, held a meeting with the secretary of Public Safety of Durango, Francisco Javier Castrellón Garza, personnel of the Ministry of National Defense, Secretariat of Navy Armada of Mexico, Federal Police, and the State Preventive Police of both entities.

During the meeting, which took place in the facilities of the Tourism Secretariat of Sinaloa, the holders agreed preventive strategies to ensure the healthy coexistence of citizens who decide to spend the next holiday season in these states.

The holder of the SSP, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, indicated that this type of relationship with the neighboring state allows for ample security control to safeguard the integrity of tourists who transit the Mazatlán-Durango highway, and enjoy Easter .

Castañeda Camarillo stressed that there will be a greater police presence in the port, in all beaches and resorts in the state.

For his part, Durango security secretary Francisco Javier Castrellón Garza, committed to this coordination to strengthen the security scheme before, during, and after the holiday period.

With these actions, the Secretariat of Public Security of Sinaloa strengthens inter-institutional security ties for the benefit of the entire society that lives and transits in the entity.

David Ruiz Mendoza, commander of the 97th Infantry Battalion, was also present at the meeting; Freed Pérez Burguete, commander of the 4th IM Brigade. SEMAR; José Ismael Domínguez, state coordinator of the Federal Police; Joel Ernesto Soto, director of the State Preventive Police of Sinaloa; Justino Castañeda Villalba, director of the State Preventive Police of Durango; and Suriel Bello Garduño, director of Intelligence and Police Strategy of SSP Sinaloa.

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