Transit police has applied more than a thousand fines in Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  Through the Municipal Traffic Directorate, more than one thousand fines have been applied to motorists for not respecting the parking spaces, that is, they leave their units in spaces for the disabled or yellow line in Mazatlan, said Francisco Guerra González.

The director of the transito said that the high number of infractions is largely due to the lack of road education in the city, and warned that the elements under his charge will continue to work until the parking spaces are respected.

“Right now this month, infractions for parking violations are little over a thousand infractions, during Carnival, now that it will be Holy Week, Moto Week, i expected to increase “he said.

“Those operations are permanent, everything that is the Traffic Law, the transgressions to it and its regulations are permanent, who does not respect this Law is being sanctioned according to the Law,” he said.

Guerra González lamented the actions, behavior, and mentality of many people who are not interested in the law, application of fines, and the worst part is they don’t care to learn.

Source: linea directa

The Mazatlan Post