Architects and civil engineers meet to ‘plan’ the development of Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the intention of homogenizing the construction industry with planning, as well as the municipal authorities, this weekend was the meeting “Designing Our Cities” by the College of Architects of Southern Sinaloa.

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Sergio Alberto Ibarra Arreola, president of the Association of Professionals, commented that a planned city implies the correct equipment with areas of health, education and recreation to avoid problems of socialization as an important measure with planning.

“The growth is disorganized, the development is planned, therefore, if there is a planning there is a nice development for the whole population center, the entire urban sprawl, here Mazatlan has an opportunity that is taking place the construction boom here “

He said it was of the utmost importance that in all the cities or communities there be a pleasant development for the population and he mentioned that Mazatlan has a good opportunity because of the investment boom that the Mazatlan-Durango highway has brought, as well as the one that could detonate the dam. Picachos

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Ibarra Arreola added that with the disorderly growth, vision is needed, that is why the importance of this type of multidisciplinary meetings with actors such as Public Works and Planning, Implan, Architects, Engineers and legislators.

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