Mexico health authorities will revoke guidelines on the medicinal use of marijuana


Health authorities detected an alleged corruption network that operated between Cofepris and users.

The Ministry of Health (SS) will revoke the guidelines and the “limited and lax” regulations on the medical and scientific use of marijuana issued by the previous government, for which authorizations will be reviewed and complaints will be filed for alleged cases of corruption.

The head of the secretariat, Jorge Alcocer, called on the Congress of the Union to move forward on the initiative presented by the then-senator and now head of the Ministry of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, regarding the production, use, and distribution of marijuana. .

He explained that the SSA is analyzing the filing of criminal complaints with the Attorney General’s Office for an alleged corruption network of public servants and users that operated in the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), which affected the regulation of some medications. , including marijuana for medicinal use.

In the context of his appearance before the Health and Social Security Commissions of the Senate, he stated that the guidelines issued last October were made hastily and without submitting them to a regulatory impact analysis.

He argued that in the case of cannabis and other medicines validation actions, duplicate steps were found, which need to be revised, derived from a supposed corruption network in which officials and users allegedly participated.

There “interests have become both officials and users, we must see it as such,” said Alcocer Varela and added that “the marijuana is an example, the regulation itself, and that they know it including the outgoing authorities that were made a few days after finishing November

He maintained that “many of the needs that are required to comply with the registration and for the use and for the regulation of work when accepting a new product, a new drug and even more when this has to be specified for medicinal use and not leave it open. “

He indicated that “this is one of the major problems that have an impact on public health, open to indiscriminate use, which means that this can be used by young people, by children”.

He insisted that when the necessary elements are available, the corresponding denunciations will be presented to the Attorney General’s Office, because in the case of the guidelines to regulate marijuana for medical purposes, they exceeded what is allowed.

The above because they contravene some articles of the General Law of Health and even the Law of General Taxes on Import and Export.

Jorge Alcocer Varela described as serious the ease with which children and young people would have access to various products made with cannabis, despite the fact that it is proven to cause damage to health.

“It’s creepy to see how in some bigger places, for example, there are gummies with cannabis, and the gummies to any child like, attracts and eats them and if there is something that can not be discussed is that, at the age of children, youth, adolescents, this is totally harmful to health, “he said.

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