Mazatlan: Leasing garbage trucks is not yet definitive


Mazatlan .- The need for more trucks for garbage collection is a reality, accepts the mayor of Mazatlan, says Elsa Mascareño Bojórquez, but it is not yet definitive that he will lease vehicles to attend this service.

Leasing: The official said that in the meeting that will be held on Friday with the Committee of Acquisitions of the Commune will present a better novel proposal that would avoid entering that dynamic so badly seen by society. Consider that leasing the units is not the most viable. 

Both accept that more trucks are required for the collection but before making a decision should analyze the pros and cons on the subject. 
Disbursing 700 thousand pesos a month is a considerable amount, but they explain that they will wait to have all the information.

When questioning the population on this issue, the majority rejects that the commune pays so much money for the rental of trucks. However they complain about poor garbage collection service.


  • Meeting

On Friday there will be a meeting of the Procurement Committee that will be part of several secretariats and there they will review the proposals for the issue of garbage collection.


  • The proposal of the municipal authority

On Thursday, March 7, the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, stressed that a measure to improve the service of garbage collection is to rent vehicles.

They would be from 8 to 10 units and the municipal authority would be paying a monthly rent of between 500 and 700 thousand pesos.

When asked if it is not better to buy, the president’s response was that they could only buy two or three trucks.

Source: El Debate

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