Mazatlan: Merchants at Isla de la Piedra report more tourist this year


For the most part, visitors to the island are foreigners, explain seafood vendors

Mazatlá, Sinaloa.- Merchants from the Isla de la Piedra reported an increase in their sales, which they attribute to an increase, both from foreign and domestic tourists.

Edmundo Giles, in charge of a restaurant located on the island’s beach, said that during Carnival he had good sales and that the presence of foreign tourists remained. 
He said that with the presence of cruise ships has seen a modest increase in the influx of visitors, compared to last year.

Good season

Carmelita Aguirre, manager of a restaurant, reported that this beginning of the year witnessed a greater number of foreign visitors , which led to good sales and left in the merchant good expectations for the end of the year. He added that most tourists are Canadians.


He explained that tourists usually ask for the shaken fish, which they prepare with sea bass and red snapper, while the most requested drink is the local beer.

Less fortunate

Alfredo, the owner of a semifixed seafood stand, whose forte is the oyster, commented that he is not as fortunate as the restaurants since the foreigner dont consume at his post. 
He pointed out that his clients are national tourists, of whom he could notice more affluence in Carnival. Although it did have an increase in sales compared to last year.

He said that after Carnival, the sale has fallen and that he waits for the arrival of Holy Week.

Source: El Debate

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