Culiacan authorities ask citizens to report at 911 neighbors who close streets with parties and jumpers


Culiacán, Sin.- It can be reported to the 911 Emergency Line to report neighbors who close the streets with parties, informed the director of the Municipal Road and Transit, Pánfilo Antonio Díaz Juárez.

He said that it is very common, especially on weekends, for people to block the streets with jumpers at a children’s party, but this is unauthorized and you can be reported to the Police Department and can be sanctioned.

lso for those who organize a party with banda or norteño music causing noise and causing discomfort to neighbors.

He explained that if police respond to a complaint they will warn and ask to clear the street if not they will face a fine and forced removal.

In case of drinking alcohol on public roads, he added, it is cause for arrest and jail.

Source: linea directa

The Mazatlan Post