Sinaloa Citizens feel more secure with the approach of agents of the Military, State and Federal Police


Culiacán, Sinaloa, March 7, 2019.- In order to create bonds of trust with citizens in each of the sectors of the state, elements of the 3 / a Military Police Brigade, the State Preventive Police and personnel of the Gendarmerie of the Federal Police, continue with the training on Proximity and Social Intelligence, as well as its implementation in the city of Culiacán, framed in the National Plan of Peace and Security of the Federal Government 2018-2024.

The operation began on the main boulevard of the Huizaches neighborhood and ended at the Toledo Corro, where state, military and federal authorities interacted with citizens to learn about their safety concerns.

After the preventive works by the agents, Mr. Pedro Romero, in charge of an automobile workshop, said he felt more secure when he saw the presence of the elements that cross the streets.

“It seems perfect to me that they are doing this kind of movement. The truth is that if you surprise seeing them on foot and offering their services, you feel a little more security and confidence, “he said.

Guadalupe, a woman who integrates the ranks of the Military Police explained that this operation allows them to know more about the citizenship in order to help them in situations that require it.

“It consists of approaching society to know the problems that exist around here, to generate more confidence, to show empathy. We try to understand what situations they are in and how we can help, “he said.

It is through these actions that the Secretariat of Public Security of Sinaloa, in coordination with federal authorities, seeks closer relations with the population to guarantee an environment of peace and security.

Source: Sel

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