Merchants benefit from Mazatlan Carnival


Locals and tourists raised sales by 70% in the shops of the Center.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Carnival 2019 has left great benefits to the commercial sector of Mazatlan, which came to give an economic respite, since they come from a very strong January slope.

The president of the Association of Merchants of Mazatlan, For the good of the Center, Dinorah Corona Flores, estimated that sales in stores have rebounded by 70%.

There is a very significant upturn in sales, Mazatlan was 100% and of course it is a bonanza for us as traders.

Dinorah Corona

Shee commented that the merchants prepared themselves with merchandise to cover the demand of locals and tourists, who have enjoyed the party of the Mazatlecos.

Corona Flores said that after the Carnival there is a decrease in activity, and they will have to start preparing for the holiday period of Easter and Easter.

She said that for these days of celebration, the Municipal Public Security Secretariat reinforced the police presence in the Center.

In addition, the merchants’ leader added that they are still waiting for a meeting with the mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, where they will raise the issue of parking lots as a priority.

“We want to hear what proposals they have for the Center, and we raise the need for parking, which is the priority, the improvements that are necessary to benefit locals and tourists,” he concluded.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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