Sinaloa: Resistance to being a police officer due to weak labor benefits


Congress is working on reforms to the Public Security Law to standardize it with the federal law and to improve the conditions for police officers.

Culiacán, Sin.- The police corporations have a strong deficit of troops, but resistance persists to join the ranks because low salaries and benefits do not correspond to the high risk in the tasks of preventing and attacking crime, the deputy criticized. the Labor Party Mario Rafael González Sánchez.

The president of the Public Safety Commission of the Congress said that the elements require salaries that correspond to the danger they face in carrying out their duties, attractive life insurance and professionalization.

“The policeman has always been demonized with a salary of three, four thousand, five thousand pesos a fortnight when the needs of your family are doubled, that police obviously me to get to a company and they offer me eight better I’m going to work to a company of eight and I do not risk my life, “he said.

He mentioned that they are in the review of an initiative to reform article 38 paragraph three and article 44 bis of the Public Security Law of Sinaloa so that pensions are guaranteed and so that all the contributions of the elements are of a civil corporation or military are considered in antiquity.

He said that the reform proposal is to standardize the working conditions of the entity with which the federal law marks the matter.

Source: Linea Directa

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