Maquila industry in Durango has a labor deficit of 8%


More than 2 thousand positions remain vacant in the sector that has 17 plants maquiladoras in the entity, focused mainly on producing harnesses and auto parts.

DURANGO.- The maquiladora industry in Durango suffers a crisis caused by the lack of labor that caused a deficit of 8 percent in the number of places required, warned Israel Soto Peña, Secretary of Labor in the entity.

In addition, the sector faces accusations of alleged mistreatment against the personnel working in the maquiladoras.

The maquiladora industry in Durango generates around 25,000 job, including managers and skilled labor. Currently, 2 thousand of these positions remain vacant or face high turnover.

The entity is the headquarters of 17 maquiladora plants, focused mainly on the manufacture of harnesses and auto parts.

Given the lack of workers, the maquiladoras have chosen to bring personnel from other municipalities far from the state capital, as is the case of Rodeo .

However, one of the adverse factors for the manufacturing industry is the salary, which in Durango ranges between 1,100 pesos a week and that for some workers is insufficient due to the journeys they must cover.

To this is added the general perception of abuse within the maquiladoras.

Recently, through social networks, a video was viralized in which a mistreatment occurred at the Leoni company, where an alleged maintenance manager shouted at the workers and beat the furniture of the company.

In this regard, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security made an inquiry that ended with the dismissal of said manager .

The companies in the maquiladora industry that have the greatest strength in Durango are Daws, Leoni, Yazaki, APTIV, Johnson Controls and Carhartt.

Source: El Financiro

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