Mexican tourists benefit the transport sector in Mazatlan


The drivers of the public units trust that the weekend of Carnival will generate greater economic benefits, since in the last days there has been no entry of resources due to the shortage of visitors.

Mazatlan, Sin.- National tourists meet in Mazatlan to enjoy the International Carnival, and with it the public transport like pneumonia and taxis are benefited, since in the last days they did not obtain resources due to the lack of visitors to the destination.

Drivers interviewed by Línea Directa said that thanks to the tourists from Nayarit, Nogales, Durango and Guadalajara who began arriving at the port, they have benefited, although many of them do not stay in a hotel, but with family, because of that most do not spend on transport, a lot of the time they prefer to walk, right now I have just started and I have two people in an hour”.

The drivers of the units trust that during the Carnival weekend they will be able to generate greater income .

“Hopefully this weekend is much better, as they are collecting money and hope it last the month.”

The tariffs that they handle by service go from 40, 80 and 100 pesos, depending on the route indicated by the passenger.

Source: linea directa

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