Carnivals in Sinaloa will leave economic benefits of 724 million pesos


There will be carnivals in the municipalities of Mazatlán, Cosalá, Navolato, Mocorito, and Guamuchil.

With an estimated influx of one and a half million visitors and 724 million pesos in economic benefits, the carnivals to be held in the state will reactivate the attraction of the main tourist destinations said the Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa, Oscar Pérez Barros.

Carnivals in Sinaloa will leave economic spill of 724 million pesos (Photo: El Debate)

The international carnival of Mazatlan, Cosalá, Navolato, Mocorito and Guamuchil will unfold the cultural activities with their different themes, heading the town of Magical of Cosalá in its edition, “ecological carnival”.

Considered the oldest carnival in the state with 200 years of tradition, the director of tourism of Cosalá; Héctor Raúl Ruíz Fonseca indicated that the town has 12 hotels to cater to tourism for this holiday and throughout the year.

With the participation of different artistic groups and allegorical groups, the first ecological carnival of the country will begin today and will culminate on Sunday with the coronation of the queen.

In this sense, Pérez Barras pointed out that the carnival parties complement the tourist offer of the destinations to attract visitors from Sonora, Durango, Nayarit and Baja California. “They are very important to project the destinations and their attractions”.

Source: El Debate

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