Profeco warns of sanctions for abuses against tourists in Carnival of Mazatlan 2019


They will install two modules of attention and information to consumers during the Carnival

Mazatlan , Sinaloa .- When announcing that a special operation will be implemented during the Carnival , the delegate of the Federal Consumer Attorney , Miguel Ángel Murillo Sánchez, called the users to present their complaints for high hotel rates .

He regretted that they increase and condition the rates in hotels and other services such as restaurants and transportation, during peak seasons, so it is important that consumers not only upload their complaint to social networks, but that they present it to Profeco , to initiate an investigation and that they are sanctioned.

He warned that the providers of tourist services that commit these bad practices could be sanctioned economically, with up to 200 thousand pesos of fine.

The fines can reach 100 or 200 thousand pesos, depending on the financial situation of the provider, if he is a re-offender the business ma y be subject to closure or disable him for the service he is providing. Delegate of the Federal Attorney’s Office of the Consumer, Miguel Ángel Murillo Sánchez.

Murillo Sanchez, said that the Profeco can take action as long as the consumer presents their complaints, which is a reality, is that you have to work to get the confidence of the public.

In addition, he added that on Friday they will install attention and information modules on the Malecón and the city center, to attend directly to consumers and prevent them from taking advantage of service providers.

In these busy days we will be aware that abuses are not committed against consumers, that the rights of consumers are respected, we will have a module on the Malecón near Valentino’s and the other tentatively in Plazuela República.

Delegate of the Federal Attorney’s Office of the Consumer, Miguel Ángel Murillo Sánchez.

The federal official said that in addition to the installation of modules, they will implement an awareness campaign, through flyers in the places with the largest circulation and announce that there is a 01 800 4688722 to submit their complaint via telephone.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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