These Mexican drinks are ‘intoxicated’ with success in Asia and the world


The Diageo company has started the export of mezcal to that continent, while the shipments of tequila have grown 82% in the last five years.

Spirits export the flavor of Mexico and are triumphing in the world, such is the case of mezcal , taken by Diageo to Asia, and 100% agave tequila, which outshone its exports 82 percent in the last five years.

The alcoholic beverage company Diageo has already opened the mezcal market in Asia for its brand Pierde Almas and its allies Mezcal Union .

“The focus of Pierce Almas and Union is the market of Mexico and the United States, but we already have exports to Europe and also Asia,” said Erik Seiersen, CEO of Diageo Mexico , in an interview .

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the highest per capita alcohol consumption in Asia is for South Koreans with 10.9 liters , followed by Vietnam and Thailand, with 8.7 and 8.3 liters, respectively.

The company that produces and sells alcoholic beverages expects Mezcal’s portfolio to reach an annual sale of 2 million boxes in ten years .

Seiersen stressed that his production of mezcal is very low volume because it is handmade , an attribute that they want to preserve.

“We want to ensure that the best bars in the world and the most cosmopolitan cities are Pierde Almas and Union, but the mezcal must remain handmade,” said Siersen.

Diageo has brands in its portfolio such as Johnnie Walker, Buchanan’s, Don Julio, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Baileys, among others.

Meanwhile, according to the annual figures of the Regulatory Council of Tequila (CRT), in the last five years the export of 100% agave tequila almost doubled, from 63 million to 114,600 million liters , an increase of 82%. hundred.

“Now in addition to cocktails, the consumer is also preferring short drinks or ‘rights’, which are used as snacks or digestive, even in food pairing,” said Ramón González Figueroa, director of the CRT.

Some brands of 100% agave tequila are Casa Sauza, José Cuervo, Don Julio, among others.

Source: El Financiero

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