Profeco will implement operations to avoid abuses during carnival


The staff will be deployed with workers from the municipalities of Mazatlán and Salvador Alvarado.

To avoid the increase of prices in hotels, restaurants, and shops during the carnival of Mazatlan and Guamúchil, the delegation of the Federal Consumer Attorney in Sinaloa will deploy personnel along with workers in the area of ​​inspection and surveillance of both municipalities, announced Miguel Ángel Murillo Sánchez.

The delegate of the Profeco in the entity said that they will check that the rates in hotels, restaurants, and businesses that offer various services do not increase, and also show the prices for the consumer to make the best decision.

He announced that the sanctions related to the lack of price display in the negotiations vary from 25 thousand pesos to requirements or even the closure of businesses to reoffend.

“Right now, the intention is to put practically the majority of the personnel and the people in charge of inspection and surveillance, and to do an operation more or less like 12 people of Profeco in all the main places,” he stressed.

He abounded that for the time being he already coordinated with the municipal president of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, and with the manager of the southern zone of Profeco to start the operation.

Source: Linea Directa

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