An initiative has been launched on to avoid that they place a statue to The Beatles in Mazatlan


The initiative indicates that this world famous group has not done anything for Mazatlan, so it does not deserve a space on the malecon.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  The statue to The Beatles in Mazatlan by the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres has just been confirmed at a major tourist site in the port (not yet confirmed) and a Mazatleco has already launched an initiative on the website www.Change. org to collect signatures and thereby achieve that this statue, monument or bust, is not placed.

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And the fact is that the author of this initiative, Ernesto García Sancho, points out that the British singers, despite being world famous, having sold millions of copies and others, did not do anything for Mazatlan, for which they do not deserve that monument.

“The whole question of this situation is, what did these artists do for the port to deserve a statue in the spaces – surely tourist – of our city? And from this question many edges can be drawn, among them, how many artists who have put up the name of the port, are they in a statue for our streets or how many are forgotten or have not been recognized in Mazatlan? “, He claims in the petition .

Similarly, the initiative was ironized with the fact that the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres and the Tourism Secretary, Miguel Torruco, are fans of this English band, so he qualifies that it is merely for his own pleasure that he make this monument.

“No” Mayor “, the core of this problem is that by placing this statue we are condemning, in the first instance, the loss of our identity, but also our roots, our cultural practices, our admiration for great men and women. women who have put Mazatlan up in the world; we condemn ourselves to lose our everything, “they continue.

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