Elizabeth Porras invites you to the Mazatlan International Carnival “Fantasy Ball”


njoy a magical evening and win incredible prizes in the costume contest.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Elizabeth Porras invites you to the Fantasy Ball of the International Carnival of Mazatlan 2019, to enjoy a magical evening and win incredible prizes in the costume contest

First of all, El Sol de Mazatlán undertook the task of interviewing the woman who, being a foreigner, born in Northern California, with ancestry in Austria, England, Holland and France, has set herself the goal of reviving the ancestral celebration of the Dance of Masks, that one that was called Of Black and White, now named by her, Fantasy Ball, “Night of Harlequins”.

The meeting point was the house of Elizabeth Porras, located in the Historic Center of Mazatlan, entrance to the residence and I am in another world, a magical world full of creativity, color, passion, love for Mexican and European traditions, surrounded by vegetation, sheltered by his two sociable dogs, Sofia and Cooper. A place where extraordinary photographs, boyfriends, quinceañeras come. This house, Elizabeth tells us, was bought in 2007 and was in ruins, it took three years to restore it.

Irma Filippini, Alan Simpson and Elizabeth Porras, wear their Carnival masks.

Forged iron benches invite you to rest and appreciate the environment full of fresh air and color. The masks are everywhere, I receive Elizabeth wearing a fuchsia pink dress and a spectacular mask brought by herself from Italy, accompanying Irma Filippini and Alan Simpson.

“My heart is pure Mexican,” says Elizabeth Porras.

Elizabeth Porras settled in Guadalajara for 12 years and later came to Mazatlan in 2003, already has been in the port for 16 years, because she loved the lifestyle, the beach and then she found the Carnival, and was fascinated, as she loves to visit the carnivals all over the world, he has been to the Venice, New Orléans, he admires Brazil.

Then he came to several carnivals and always looked for the Fantasy Dance and realized that there was not one. The Fantasy Ball, of Black and White, 35 years ago it was over, it is there that she makes the decision to go talk to the director of Culture, at that time was Raúl Rico, to know why there was not this a dance, since she wanted to attend.

“The Carnival is very beautiful but there was nothing in which you were participating, everything is to go see. And for me Carnival is very important, when people wear crazy and enjoy. Then I went to speak with the director and he told me that in the past there was the death of a governor and from there the dance was forbidden, the masks were forbidden, because the face could not be seen “.

Elizabeth tells Rico, that a long time had passed, that the dance had to be done, and he replied that if he wanted to do it he would support her. And that is how the tradition is resumed and the first two years were at the Club Muralla, 2013 and 2014. For Elizabeth, the Carnival is fun, color, madness, enjoy, smile and dance.

Each year, in the Fantasy Ball, Elizabeth wears a different mask, which she brings from somewhere in the world. The theme of dance varies from year to year. In an approximate time of six months, Elizabeth organizes the party, plans it, makes the decorations of almost two meters, she and a group of workers in her house. Something spectacular A few years ago they made a wonderful chandelier, evoking that of ‘The Phantom of the Opera, they also made a life-size gondola. 

In order to rescue the tradition and put together a real Carnival in Mazatlan
Year after year, since 2013 the Fantasy Ball is organized, organized by Elizabeth Porras, where there is an original costume contest with fantastic prizes, among these 10 of the winners will go up during the parade to an allegorical car. There are first, second and third places, to whom Trophy and Certificate are awarded. There is a Qualifying Jury that evaluates originality and creativity. This dance is done on the Coronation Day of the Carnival King, which on this occasion will be on February 28. The costumes of the guests are of a open theme, there are those who choose to go, queens, harlequins, ghosts, and so on.

A dance attended by queens of past carnivals, to which homage is paid. 
Beauty adorns the party by carnestolendas with the presence of invited ambassadors from all over the world. The invitation is open to the public, it is not for children. The group La Cubata will entertain the night with its excellent performances. All the time there are dancers, stilt walkers. The catwalk of the contestants starts at 9:00 p.m.

“Generally for Carnival one is a spectator, of the coronations, of the parade, but for Elizabeth the important thing is to be part of it. Participate in the contest, dress up, get dressed, 
let the imagination and creativity go, “shares Elizabeth. 
This year has the support of Irma Filippini, his right hand and Alan Simpson, who helps him year after year to place the canvases, with the decoration and in the sale of tickets. 
“I think it’s a great program for the Mazatlecos. I hope this is getting bigger, “Alan Simpson, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“I help him to facilitate the work, go to Culture, talk with people to solve details of the dance, look for queens from past years to honor them. How important and significant for the Mazatlecos, that someone outside has the desire to revive that tradition, that dance, “said Irma Filippini. 

Tickets can be purchased at the theater box office and in Beth’s Bazaar, from Wednesday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The cost is 750 pesos, includes food and two drinks. For more information: 5564-461394 with Irma Filippini.

Terraza Los Pargos at Calle Chametla 230, Playa Sur. The appointment is February 28 from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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