We need to operate in a single airport: Aeromexico


The director of the airline ruled out operating in more than one airport due to the form of the business model, despite the federal government’s aviation plan.

Aeroméxico ruled out operating at more than one airport, despite the federal government’s aviation plan to start operating an airport system composed of three terminals (Toluca, Santa Lucía and Mexico City International Airport). 

In a conference with analysts, the general director of the airline, Andrés Conesa , informed that due to the way in which the company operates, flights will only be taken from an airport.

“Given our business model, we need to operate in a single airport. We will never be operating some flights from airport A and some flights from airport B “, said the manager.

The administration plan of Andrés Manuel López Obrador is to modernize the AICM, increase the number of flights in Toluca and build two runways at the Santa Lucia air base.

Before this plan, the general director of the airline, Andrés Conesa commented that they will wait to know in detail the plans of the authority, “we would like to know the system”. 

Currently, Aeromexico’s main operations center is Terminal 2 (T2) of the AICM, where it operates flights to various states in the country, the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia.

On the modernization of the AICM, where the federal authority will invest 717 million pesos for the expansion of Terminal 2, Conesa announced that seven or eight additional contact positions will be built, which will be positive for the client’s experience.

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