Mazatlan legendary Moto Week is at risk of being cancelled


The event is one of the most distinctive in Mazatlan and gathers national and international motorcyclists.

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez commented that there is currently a conflict within the group that organizes Motorcycle Week. This has created a delay in granting permission for it to take place.

He said that the reason for this division between the organizers is due to a disputeover the rights to the international event, which has been held for 23 consecutive years and has become a hallmark of Mazatlan that attracts motorcyclists from different states of the Republic. Mexican and foreigners, who usually return year after year.

Resultado de imagen para legendaria Semana de la Moto para este 2019

He recognized the importance the event for Mazatlan:

Moto Week is an event that puts Mazatlan on the map, not only nationally but internationally 

He added that he will meet with the organizers so they can decide if this will be done in 2019.

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He stated that in case the response is positive, it will be welcome. However, if it fails to materialize, the City Council will intervene to resolve the problem and can be held, but clarified that it will be used to change the date of this event. 

Resultado de imagen para legendaria Semana de la Moto para este 2019

He argued that it would change due to the fact that by the Easter week it is already “full” of tourists and would seek to increase the influx of tourists at other times of the year. 

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He pointed out that this change would be made to break the “seasons of highs and lows” of tourism and that this goal has been achieved with the Mazatlan-Durango superhighway, but it is seeking to attract more tourists, as the mayor assures that a greater number of visitors, will visit the port of Mazatlan.

Source: El Debate, Sol de Mazatlan

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