Sinaloa will no longer pay the military 300 million pesos for security


Governor of Sinaloa confirms that 600 more military elements come to Culiacán to reinforce security

Resultado de imagen para Sinaloa ya no les pagará a militares, se gastaban 300 mdp por convenio

Culiacán, Sin.- The Government of the State will no longer pay the approximately 300 million pesos that it paid by agreement to the Mexican Army for the operation of the military in the state, confirmed Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

He explained that the work of the military elements in Sinaloa will remain the same, only that the expenses will be assumed by the Federal Government and not by the State, since there will be no need to negotiate agreements to have security support.

“In the same way is the same support, the only thing is that the state is not going to contribute resources because it was a good wool, they were more than 300 million pesos,” he said.

The head of the State Executive said that this information was provided by telephone Alfonso Durazo Montaño, head of the Public Security and Citizen Protection Secretariat of the Government of Mexico, who also informed him that they will send a total of 600 military elements to Culiacan with In order to strengthen the security of the state capital.

With this, Sinaloa would add more than 4 thousand elements that support the security tasks of the entity.

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