The first cannabis clinic in Mexico seeks to create accessible treatments


Sativa Care, the first clinic of its kind in the country, seeks the integration of the cannabis sativa plant as an accessible option for conventional treatment by doctors and professional medical organizations.

In a marijuana plant there are more than 80 cannabinoids, all with therapeutic potential and Sativa Care, the first comprehensive medical cannabis clinic in Mexico wants to take advantage of them and offer an accessible treatment.

CBD is the marijuana molecule that has been studied the most, but even the psychotropic molecule tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has been very demonized, can have therapeutic benefits with due scientific process.

“This molecule has the potential to reduce tumors and treat pain with greater efficacy,” said Jonathan Hernández, MD, from the Autonomous Metropolitan University and a member of Sativa Care.

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The team that works in the Sativa Care clinic is looking for the acceptance and integration of the cannabis sativa plant as an accessible option of conventional treatment by doctors and professional medical organizations.

“We look for a multidisciplinary approach, so that it is not only through cannabis, but in psychology, nutrition, and patient care,” said Jonathan Hernández.

In addition to the treatment, the clinic will seek in the future the commercialization of products based on cannabis, it is only a question of the laws of adapting.

“Through our clinics we seek to be a spearhead with processes, services and products in constant improvement, and have a positive impact on the Mexican health system, offering proven and innovative alternatives for the comprehensive treatment of these conditions, deeply respecting the patient and adapting to your unique life circumstances “, can be read on the company’s website.


By 2021 it is estimated that the global market for marijuana will have a value of 31,600 million dollars (mdd), according to data cited by the National Association of the Cannabis Industry (ANICANN).

Although the medical cannabis industry is growing and the law initiatives, there is still a long way to go.

“Scientific research should be opened further to better understand the plant,” said the doctor.

According to the specialist, there are countries such as the United States or Europe, where research on the plant has never stopped, in contrast here in the country, where it has come to listen to Mexican politicians that there is not enough research.

For the doctor, it is crucial that this industry be promoted in the field, that laboratories for scientific research be developed to analyze the composition of the plant.

“With this we could make quality national production, since until now we can only import since they are the only ones that meet the quality parameters,” said Jonathan Hernandez.

Source: Sativa Care, Forbes

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