They seek to place a statue of ‘The Beatles’ in Mazatlan


Given that the Mayor of Mazatlan and Federal Tourism Secretary agreed on tastes for the music of the English group, could soon make a monument in the city

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. During the event of the first stone of the new Aquarium of the Sea of ​​Cortés, in the intervention of the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, declared publicly that for musical tastes of him and the Secretary of Tourism Federal, Miguel Torruco Marqués, will seek to put in Mazatlan a monument to the English rock band The Beatles, because he said it is a commitment he has already made with the federal president.

“I have already made a commitment to make a monument in Mazatlan for a musical taste that most Mazatlan and the world have, a monument to The Beatles, which is a recognition to those people, and I did not take it as a joke, I took it seriously” he declared.

Outside the event the mayor was asked how the idea of ​​putting a monument to a foreign group in Mazatlan was born, because he argued that it is a band that many have the pleasure of listening to.


“What happens is that I was in the secretary’s house, and I saw his love for The Beatles, he loves that music; I met once when he was Secretary of Tourism in Mexico City, and we agreed there because he made an event in the Zócalo where he gathered 60 thousand people listening to different groups that play Beatles music, and that’s where the idea was born. “

“If in Liverpool it’s a big city with them, why not here, if there’s a lot of young people, that we like music, it’s also an iconic music that transcended borders, and right now, even young people know those songs”, He said.

-Where would it be?

“We do not know, it’s a proposal, he (Miguel Torruco) told me: do you hear, do we get in ?, finally we have to pull with him so that he pulls us,” said the Chemist.

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