“900 pesos from the airport to Los Muertos”: a foreigner in Puerta Vallarta narrates taxi abuse


After the announcement made a few days ago by the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, that he was going to revoke the permits of Uber and Ecodrive to operate in Puerto Vallarta, the public opinion turned against this decision, arguing that the service of The yellow taxis were not up to what the digital platforms offered.

But the governor of Jalisco described, contrary to that general opinion, that the taxi service in Vallarta “is good, and that it works properly, that it has as any service things to improve”, announcing that it would work to improve it and that soon they They would have their own application to facilitate the transfer to the users.

But along with the Vallartans, tourists and foreign residents have expressed distrust in the promise to improve that taxi drivers have made, and fear that the convenient option of ordering an executive car with accessible rates from the cell phone disappear and yield to the monopoly of vehicles yellow with white.

“If taxi drivers cared about their customers, and allowed payment through an application, then there would be no problem. But they drive crap cars (sic.), Getting ripped off is a common experience and many of them do not have skills to serve the client. No thanks, “wrote Eddie Colbeth of Massachusets, United States, in the group” Puerto Vallarta: everything you want or need to know “when they published the news.

On the other hand, there are anecdotes that, if true, would really surprise you about the way local taxi drivers abuse their foreign customer rates, as described by Mc Kracken, originally from Covington, Kentucky (USA) , who in the same group narrated the experience of some friends of his:

“In my experience, taxi drivers abuse tourists. Our friends paid 900 pesos to go from the airport to their condominium, near the pier ( los muertos). Uber charged them 154 pesos to return to the airport. I would never take a taxi with the option of using a bus or Uber. “

Faced with these facts, the Uber drivers in Vallarta have been nervous about the operations that the governor promised to carry out, however they have not stopped providing transportation services as both foreigners and porters do not stop asking for trips, considering par excellence that the platform offers better fares and travel conditions than yellow cars.

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