Neighbors of Lomas de Mazatlán feel insecure


The inhabitants of the neighborhood assure that vandalism  
has increased due to the lack of security.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The neighbors of the Lomas de Mazatlán subdivision, located in the golden zone, ask for more vigilance from the authorities, because they have about a month that lovers of the other have wanted to steal in their homes and even steal the vehicles.

The complaint

“During the day it is very quiet from morning to afternoon, but when the night starts things change”

Even though we are in a busy area, in a place of high economic status, so to speak, we are in the sights of thieves, said one of the neighbors.

Fortunately, nothing happened to me, but three days ago my neighbor tried to steal his vehicle, because in the morning when he got up, he found the glass on the broken passenger side, but they could not steal it because the car works with a voice detector or something like that, that’s what he said, “said a local resident.

It is approximately at 02:00 or 03:00 when this type of vandalism happens. The neighbors have hired private security, but this is insufficient to cover the entire fractionation.

The people affected have had interviews with Public Security agents and have only commented that the surveillance will be more efficient, but there has been no support from the aforementioned.


“On Friday, when I went to work to get my car to work, I went back to the house for a coffee. I left and got into my vehicle. I did not notice the glass until the moment it made me cold and I wanted to close the window, and surprise that I took. 
The glass was broken. I checked my things and I did not lack anything, but as it is a recent model car and activated by voice, they could not get it going, “said a resident of the subdivision.

According to the neighbors’ version, this had not happened, but for several days they have seen havoc of vandalism by their homes.

Those affected say that previously they had enough vigilance because day and night patrols were seen giving rondines in the area, but little by little this operation was reduced and they were exposed.

One resident shared that about a month ago, a boy who lives in the aforementioned division, went to take his English classes, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and was assaulted by some people on board a motorcycle. . 
They took off his cell phone and his tennis shoes.

The affected man ran full of fear back to his home and told his parents what had happened. In a meeting with the neighbors, an agreement was reached to hire private security. They have been doing this for more than a month.

“The only thing we ask for is constant vigilance. We do not want to be left room for babysitting, but at least to protect our children, because here is a place full of young people of all ages and genders, “the affected finalized.

Source: El Debate

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