Durango Municipality promises not to give more permits to bars in Calvario neighboorhood


Although it is one of the tourist areas of the capital of Durango, the City Council will not authorize more permits for the opening of bars in the Calvario neighborhood.

This is due to a direct request made by residents of this area, one of the oldest in the capital Duranguense, in a meeting with representatives of the State Government and the Municipality.

The Secretariat of Tourism, the Institute of State Culture, the Directorate of Public Safety and the Cabildo de Durango all have greater influence in the topic of Calvary.

“I was invited to make a specific analysis of the patents for the sale of alcohol in restaurants and bars, as well as in the changes in land use that could occur in the area. There is a lot of uncertainty from neighbors, they ask us not to authorize more sales patents, we regulate the issue in that area, “said Minka Hernández Campuzano, councilor.

He stressed that the Municipal Trustee, Luz María Garibay, who chairs the Commission for the Treasury and Control of Municipal Heritage, and that is the area of ​​the Cabildo that dictates the granting of patents and permits, also participated.

“There is a very clear commitment to the neighbors and I recognize the role of the Inspectors in this area, based on requests made, have managed to regulate any improper installation of a nightclub or bar and return to what they have permission”