Scorpions abound in Mazatlan neighborhood


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The scorpions commonly emerge from their burrows during the rainy season, but for the neighbors of the Colonia Bahias, these bugs come out every day of the year.

José Guadalupe Moreno, a resident of the neighborhood, assures that the arachnids come from a wooded zone that is to a flank of the avenue Juan Pablo Second, between the streets Primero de Mayo and Bay of Puerto Viejo.

Morning, Day or Night, the scorpions appear crossing the street that divides the wooded area, so they can get to the walls of the houses to enter.

Even, he pointed out, the animals get into the parked cars, as happened with a car of their property, that when taking it to the workshop, the mechanic was stung by a small scorpion.

On the other hand, William Castañeda, another neighbor of that colony, assured, there are thousands of scorpions that there are in the enclosed area, those that are hidden among the clothes.

He indicated that there have already been cases of people being assaulted by this type of animal, as happened with a baby, which he helped move to receive medical attention from Social Security.

“When the mother realized, the girl was in shock, dying, and that’s when the woman came out screaming and I got up from the door to help and take the girl to the hospital.”

He said, the size of the scorpions varies, since it has detected large, medium and small, in addition to their colors are also diverse, because there are yellows, reds and blacks.

The neighbor called on the corresponding authorities to support the fumigation of the place to prevent the presence of scorpions, which to date have not been reported deaths by stings.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post