Durango Mexico: Investors invited to participate in the Mirador Baluarte project


The Secretary of Communications and Public Works of the State (Secope), Arturo Salazar Moncayo, urged all entrepreneurs from La Laguna to invest in the Baluarte Viewpoint, a tourism project, which requires an initial investment of 750 million pesos.

Moncayo said that the entrepreneurs of La Laguna should see the opportunity to invest also outside this area, because there are currently entrepreneurs in Nuevo Leon who have already begun to show interest.

The project includes the Mirador, a cable car, parking lot, hotels and cabins, which will be built in the middle of the Durango-Mazatlán highway. The project is developed by Secope.

Resultado de imagen para Invita Secope a inversionistas laguneros a participar en proyecto del Mirador Baluarte

It is an investment in infrastructure of 750 million pesos and only in the cable car the required investment is 350 million pesos. It will cover a thousand 350 meters and will have a capacity for 50 people. They are currently seeking private investment from La Laguna.

For this project they will have to meet with Pueblo Nuevo ejidatarios in order to present a formal proposal for the acquisition of the lands that are under the Baluarte Bridge.

The Secope already has the executive project and are about 150 hectares which are intended to take advantage of this project that they hope to start before June of this year.

On the other hand, Secope acknowledged that they have been requesting to Federal Roads and Bridges of Revenues and Related Services (Capufe) and specifically to the Federal Government the reduction of tariffs on the highway from the Baluarte bridge, due to the constant subsidence that has occurred and that They have been taken care of. “This new government does not know the strategy that it has, but it has been very requested that the tariffs go down due to the bad conditions of the road and to date it has not been successful”, said Moncayo.

Source: El Sol de Durango, El Siglo de Torreon

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