Public servers ignore rules and use cellphone during work


The anti-corruption system indicates that bureaucrats should not use their cell phones during their working hours.

Although the anti-corruption and transparency system has been implemented in the State Services Unit since last September , where it is indicated that public servants are prohibited from using their cell phones when they are at work, the bureaucrats ignore this rule.

During several visits made by reporters from EL DEBATE, it was found that public servants continue to use their cell phone while at work as taxpayers carry out wait for service.


In view of this situation, the Secretary of Innovation, José de Jesús Gálvez, indicated that the use of cell phones is prohibited due to transparency , since they neglect work and stop attending to the citizen; In addition, when using cell phone they make the process flow slower. 

He invited the population to report incidents when a public employee is using the cell phone instead of doing there job.

Source: El Debate

The Mazatlan Post